How Can a Conveyancing Solicitor Stop Your Sale Falling Through?

How Can a Conveyancing Solicitor Stop Your Sale Falling Through?

After the long and exhausting process of trying to buy or sell a home, there are few things more disheartening than your sale falling through at the last minute. It can break your whole chain and mean you lose your dream home. It can cost you thousands of pounds that you’ve been saving to finance your move. And most frustrating of all, it can send you right back to square one of the process, where you have to start all over again, finding new buyers for your home and finding a new home for you to buy.

The good news is that having a prompt, professional team of conveyancing solicitors, like Holdens Law, on your side can significantly reduce the risk of your sale falling through. We’ll keep your transaction on track by keeping the channels of communication open between all parties. We want to make sure your sale goes through as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

The problem with failed sales

Statistics show that in 2023, as many as 35% of property sales fell through. Of these around one in five sales failed due to a break in the chain, where the issue wasn’t even related to the sale that failed. Unfortunately, with the economic outlook still very uncertain, and mortgage rates still unusually high, this failure rate looks set to continue.

Failed sales are not only devastating to your future plans, they can also affect your current finances too, putting your next move at risk. The average home seller loses around £2,500 in searches, disbursements and other costs, with some losing much more in solicitor’s fees.

Maintaining momentum

Momentum is everything when it comes to a successful property transaction. The team at Holdens Law will always do our very best to get you moving, using our extensive experience to spot problems early, to find solutions and to mitigate risks.

We’re firmly focused on processing your sale as promptly as we can, as Natalie Bradley from our dedicated team of conveyancing solicitors explains:

“Here at Holdens Law, we know that the longer the conveyancing on your property transaction takes, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong. The longer that buyers have to find problems or to get cold feet and have second thoughts, the greater the chance that they will change their mind and for the sale to fail,” she says. “That’s why our conveyancing team works hard to keep things moving, staying in constant communication with both you and your buyers’ solicitors at all times.

“We process all your paperwork promptly, chasing up all parties to ensure that there are no delays. We use trusted partners who prioritise our surveys and searches, and we use the latest in case tracking technology to ensure we get all the documents we need as quickly as possible to progress your sale towards exchange of contracts and completion”.

Don’t be part of the one in three

One in three home sales may fail, but that also means that two in three succeed. The difference between getting to move to your dream home and having to endure an expensive nightmare can be as simple as choosing the right conveyancing solicitor. And the earlier you instruct them, the better prepared you’ll be to get your move moving.

With an experienced team of conveyancing solicitors dedicated to your transaction, you can count on Holdens Law to move fast to keep your move on track. To find out more, visit the conveyancing section of our website, or contact Holdens Law on 01524 32484 for Lancashire properties or 01539 72062 for Cumbrian homes.


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