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Vast numbers of people in the UK now own or operate a mobile phone regularly. With this in mind it is perhaps not surprising that it is now a specific offence to drive whilst operating a hand held mobile phone.

It is also unlawful for a driver to use a mobile phone whilst supervising a learner driver. It is not unlawful to use a hands-free device although there is a risk that prosecution could follow if the police were able to prove that driver failed to have proper control of a vehicle whilst using a hands-free device.

Since February 2007, if convicted of using a mobile phone whilst driving, a person will be liable for 6 penalty points and a maximum fine of £1000 or £2500 in the case of a HGV or coach driver.

There are potentially very serious consequences for a driver accused of using a mobile phone whilst driving carelessly or dangerously. In all cases we recommend you get expert advice from Holdens. As Traffic Law Specialists our team offer expert advice and representation in all aspects of mobile phone and road traffic law.

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FAQs - Using a Mobile Phone

No. The law covers mobile phones and similar devices which is likely to include other in car devices such as PDA’s and Satellite Navigation Equipment.

Genuine emergency 999 calls are likely to constitute an exception.

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