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For the first two years from passing a test a driver is classified as a ‘New Driver’. Special provisions apply to those people, especially where they amass 6 points within those first two years. If you have passed your test within the last two years, make sure you are aware of the New Driver Regulations and the circumstances in which your licence can be revoked.

Holdens believe that, as a New Driver, it is even more important to be fully informed about the special rules, regulations and procedure that apply to you.

If you are a New Driver and are facing a motoring offence call Holdens now for advice and assistance.

If you amass 6 points on your licence for offences committed within the first two years from the date you passed your driving test, the DVLA will revoke your licence.



  • The Court do not revoke your licence – the DVLA do. That revocation will take place very shortly after the six points are give to you
  • You will become a provisional licence holder once again and be required to re-take your driving test to re-obtain your full licence
  • If you continue to drive without L plates and an appropriate supervisor then you can commit further offences such as driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and, in certain circumstances, driving without insurance
  • Insurance can be invalidated if your licence is revoked yet you continue to drive

As an inexperienced driver if you are disqualified for a period of less than 56 days then, following the expiration of that period your full licence will be returned to you and not revoked. If the ban exceeds 56 days then you will only be entitled to re-obtain a provisional licence at the end of the disqualification period and you will need to re-take your test to obtain a full licence.

The implications for new drivers can be huge, the rules and regulations daunting with both the Court and DVLA involved. Holdens can advise and assist in all cases.

Contact Holdens today.

FAQs - New Drivers

You cannot appeal to the Court concerning the revocation of your licence because it is the DVLA who revoke licences and not the Court. There is no process of appeal to the DVLA in these circumstances.

If your licence is revoked it will be revoked in its entirety, including all classes of vehicle that you were entitled to drive under that licence. If you retake all parts of the driving test in relation to one of the classes of vehicle you previously held a licence for then you are entitled to reapply to the DVLA for your licence to include all those classes of vehicle you were formally entitled to drive. You do not have to re-sit the tests in relation to all the classes of vehicle your licence previously covered, passing one will reinstate all entitlements.

If you pass all necessary parts of the driving test you may apply as normal for your full licence. The points that you obtained previously will remain on the licence for a period of three years from the date they were imposed. You wouldn’t be classified as a New Driver or subject to any further probationary period. You should be aware however that should you obtain 12 points or more within a 3 year period you become liable to disqualification through the totting-up procedures.

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