Every year thousands of motorists are caught speeding on Britain's roads. The number of fixed and mobile devices are rising meaning more and more people are finding themselves summoned to court, having points imposed and even losing their licence.

The rules and regulations that change constantly can be daunting and complicated. Some issues that are commonly examined:

  • Mobile cameras operated and calibrated according to manufacturers guidelines?
  • Accuracy?
  • Evidence appropriately presented?
  • Evidence to prove the case against you?
  • Location, signage, road type and restrictions?

Holdens lawyers specialise and train in all the above aspects in order to offer comprehensive and professional advice according to specifics of your case.


  • Investigation and evaluation service of the evidence AND (where possible) the scene to determine any relevant issues.
  • Advice as to specifics of your case.
  • Information about Court procedure.
  • Full representation at the Police Station, Magistrates and Crown Courts.

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David Mainwaring

David Mainwaring

BA (Hons)

Kevin Bamber

Kevin Bamber

LLB (Hons) Law

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