Careless Driving

Described as involving only a momentary lapse in concentration, many people each year find that they are asked to answer allegations of careless driving whether or not there has been an accident.

New technology in vehicles is often cited as one of the many reasons why increasing numbers of drivers are finding their attention wandering.

The offence can carry between 3 and 9 penalty points as well as a discretionary power to disqualify you from driving. A fine is also likely to be imposed alongside the effect on your licence.

If you are involved in an allegation of careless driving you may be asked to attend the police station. It is ALWAYS recommended that you attend the police station with legal representation - Holdens, as Traffic Law Specialists, can arrange representation Free of Charge under the government's legal aid scheme. If you have been asked to attend the police station - call now for advice!

If you have been summoned to attend Court, Holdens, as Traffic Law Specialists can arrange representation for all types of hearing whether it be by way of a guilty plea with mitigation or a fully contested trial.

We offer full and professional evaluation and advice concerning the evidence in your case to provide concise advice regarding plea and sentencing.

With Points/Disqualification Possible – Holdens as Traffic Law Specialists understand the importance of professional advice and representation – call today to discuss your case!

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David Mainwaring

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