We offer specialist assistance and advice in road traffic matters from day one:

  • Investigation and evaluation service – determining the circumstances of an allegation, visiting the scene and evaluating any relevant evidence to provide clear, accurate and specialist advice about your particular case.
  • Specialist advocacy assistance at Court whether in respect of a guilty plea with full and professional mitigation or to conduct a fully contested Trial Hearing.
  • Assistance at any and all stages of the process, including at the Police Station.

Remember it is for the prosecution to prove their case! We can provide full advice on all Road Traffic matters.

Holdens understand that your licence is often your livelihood and your life - contact us today for assistance and a free, no obligation chat!


Every year thousands of motorists are caught speeding on Britain's roads. The number of fixed and mobile devices are rising meaning more and more people are finding themselves summoned to court, having points imposed and even losing their licence. The rules and regulations that change ...
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Holdens can arrange representation across England and Wales. Our expert Solicitors can provide accurate information about costing so don't hesitate - contact us to arrange representation. For all contested matters, advice and assistance regarding plea and conduct of trial proceedings, please ...
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Careless Driving

Described as involving only a momentary lapse in concentration, many people each year find that they are asked to answer allegations of careless driving whether or not there has been an accident. New technology in vehicles is often cited as one of the many reasons why increasing numbers of ...
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Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is a serious allegation that alleges that the standard of your driving fell far below that to be expected of a reasonable and prudent driver. If you are being investigated or have been charged with this offence we recommend you obtain legal advice immediately. If you are being ...
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Drink Driving

There are a number of alcohol related driving offences that range from failing to provide a roadside breath specimen to driving or attempting to drive whilst over the prescribed limit. How each offence is committed, the potential defences that may be available and sentencing options for the Court ...
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New Driver

For the first two years from passing a test a driver is classified as a ‘New Driver’. Special provisions apply to those people, especially where they amass 6 points within those first two years. If you have passed your test within the last two years, make sure you are aware of the New ...
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Mobile Phones

Vast numbers of people in the UK now own or operate a mobile phone regularly. With this in mind it is perhaps not surprising that it is now a specific offence to drive whilst operating a hand held mobile phone. It is also unlawful for a driver to use a mobile phone whilst supervising a learner ...
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Totting Up

As an experienced driver, if you amass 12 points or more then you become what the law terms, a totter, and liable to be sentenced under the totting-up provisions. Those provisions indicate that the magistrates are obliged to disqualify you for a period of 6 months unless you can satisfy them ...
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Removal of Disqualification

Have you been disqualified for more than 2 years? Did you know that in certain circumstances it may be possible to apply to the Court to return your licence BEFORE the end of your disqualification period?! If you have been disqualified by the Court, read on and call Holdens now for specific ...
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Other Traffic Matters

Motoring law covers a huge range of other offences from failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis to allowing a vehicle to be used without insurance. Other types of common motoring offences are highlighted below. Driving without a licence Driving without insurance & allowing ...
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Motoring Fees

We can advise and represent you in a range of motoring offences. All prices listed are subject to VAT and estimates do not include any additional fees for Barristers or Experts. Once we have been able to establish the facts of your own case, we can give an indication of any additional ...
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David Mainwaring

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