Prenuptial Agreements are becoming increasingly more common in the UK largely due to the Family Courts placing greater emphasis on these documents in the event of Divorce, especially for couples with substantial assets or income.

A Prenuptial Agreement, also known as a 'Pre Nup', might not seem particularly romantic but is often the best way to be clear on how assets are to be divided in the event of Divorce. They can often save the time and more importantly the cost of an acrimonious Divorce settlement. Whilst Prenups are not legally binding, it is clear that Courts are placing much greater importance upon them than before.

It is however crucial that both parties receive independent legal advice, a full and frank exchange of financial disclosure should take place and importantly the agreement should be fair. Holdens can also help you to change the ownership of a property so that it is owned jointly either on an equal basis or on the basis that one party owns a greater share than the other.

Holdens have specialists that deal with issues which may arise as a result of a marriage:

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