Motoring Offences

We can advise and represent you in a range of motoring offences.

All prices listed are subject to VAT and estimates do not include any additional fees for Barristers or Experts.

Once we have been able to establish the facts of your own case, we can give an indication of any additional costs.

Written representations to include mitigation £150 - £250
Representation at Court for a guilty plea £400 - £500
Exceptional Hardship/Totting up
Guilty Plea Representation £1,000 - £1,500
Drink Driving/Drug Driving/Fail to Provide a Specimen
Guilty Plea £200 - £500
Guilty Plea and Special Reasons £500 - £1000
Not Plea Guilty and Trial Half Day £750
Not Plea Guilty and Trial Full Day £1200

Mobile Phone Offences

Prices as above.