Holdens HR: Business Development Through People

This blog post is to highlight the firm’s Employment Law and HR services, and make you aware of the holistic approach which we employ which we believe sets us apart from other law firms.

Holdens is able to offer a complete, tailor-made package of services for SME’s. We can offer consultancy services to support those businesses who do not have their own specific Business Development/HR departments, or complement and improve businesses who already have their own in-house arrangements.

The firm benefits from HR and Business Development expertise which has previously delivered commercially focused support and advice to a range of businesses varying in scope and environment, be it public or private sector, retail or charity.

We take the view that effective implementation allows businesses to achieve successful outcomes, and pride ourselves on being able to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for all businesses.

Strategic Support

We are aware that businesses are constantly evolving, and that change is ever present in business. Such change, if harnessed in the right way, can be used to bring about continued business success. We therefore look to work together with businesses to help them utilise changes in strategy to bring about the best possible results for that particular business, in areas such as:

  • Restructuring/Realignment
  • Performance and Productivity
  • Leadership/Executive Training and Coaching
  • Effective holistic business driven policies

Operational Support

Of course, for such policies to achieve optimal application and tangible outcomes, the organisation must be able to engage its people effectively. We are therefore able to offer expert HR and business support advice at all stages in connection with the following:

  • Performance Management
  • Capability
  • Redundancy and Restructuring
  • Discipline and Grievance procedures
  • Appraisals – how these can be adapted to best fit your own particular business model
  • Training and Development
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Recruitment
  • Internal Workplace Mediation

We appreciate that the best way for a business to function is when the effect of the above matters is minimised; allowing you to focus on what it is that you are best at. We therefore offer advice and support that is decisive, innovative, and cost-efficient.

As a firm, we have dedicated employment law solicitors who are always on hand to assist you with any employment law queries or issues which may present themselves throughout the course of your business. However, in addition to this, we do offer specialist packages which we believe place us above general employment law practitioners:

Contract/Policy Review – For a Fixed Fee of £750 plus VAT, we are able to review a Organisation’s Contracts of Employment, Restructuring and Redundancy policies, and Grievance and Disciplinary policies to ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant and up to date employment legislation, thereby protecting employers against any potential challenge or action by affected employees. However, the exercise will reflect the organisation’s aims and objectives and be focussed on effective, relevant delivery whilst managing risk. In the first instance, we are also happy to have a free diagnostic discussion dealing with familiar pitfalls in such contractual documentation.

Settlement Agreements – Similarly, we understand how useful Settlement Agreements can be for employers who wish to bring an employee’s employment to an end and protect against any potential action in the future by that employee. There are various scenarios which present themselves in which an employer may wish to use a Settlement Agreement – to deal amicably with an employee who has continuing performance issues, or to bring to an end the employment of someone who has been on long-term sick leave, and is unlikely to ever return to work. A Settlement Agreement effectively allows for a ‘clean break’, and provides both sides with certainty as to their position. For a Fixed Fee of £750 plus VAT, we can prepare a Settlement Agreement on your behalf for use in respect of such scenarios.

Senior/Executive Staff Contracts – As a firm, we appreciate that employment contracts and service agreements for partners, directors and senior executives can be complex in nature, dependent on the particular package being offered to the employee by the organisation.

We have considerable experience in advising on such contracts, and are able to advise on and prepare such contracts so that the interests of both the organisation and the employee are properly protected. We are happy to arrange an initial free consultation to discuss such contracts on request, and to develop a strategy that works in tandem with the requirements and needs of the particular organisation.

“SME” Support – Many businesses face a myriad of employment law/HR enquiries and issues on a daily basis, which they are simply not geared up to properly deal with. For a Fixed Fee of £200 a month, and an initial contract of six months, Holdens are able to provide a specialist employment law/HR advice service. Your payment would guarantee access to a nominated solicitor 24/7 by telephone or through email, who would be onhand to deal with all manner of employment law/HR enquiries within an agreed timeframe.

Pension Auto-Enrolment – One of the major challenges facing employers is the new government legislation requiring them to assess and enrol all eligible employees into a workplace pension by a set staging date. This will clearly have a major impact on all organisations, many of which simply will not have the requisite HR support in place to address the multitude requirements the new legislation entails. Further, Auto-Enrolment brings with it certain employment law implications for an organisation as a whole, as employee’s contracts of employment will undoubtedly require amendment to reflect compliance with the new legislation.

We believe that it is imperative that an organisation obtains independent and holistic legal and financial advice at an early stage to properly allow it to implement the requisite changes, and to turn statutory requirements into an opportunity to properly review their business model so that it continues to function optimally. We are therefore happy to arrange a free initial consultation with an organisation to discuss the legal impact upon them, how that is best dealt with in their particular circumstances, and the mechanics required to allow for a seamless move forward.

We work closely with Leigh Astin of Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers, who are experienced pension advisers and can provide companies with the necessary AE support.

Find out more about our Employment law services here.

Posted: 7th February 2014